Plot for sale in La Cala Golf

- R3139591

We provide you with a summary of 31 plots available in LA CALA GOLF, located in various sectors of the Golf Course.
Building typology: Detached House. Edificabidad: 21.5%. At the price must be added 21% VAT.
Plots available:
835m2-175.000€, 1863m2-127.000€, 2195m2-122.000€, 2225m2-122.000€, 1844m2-106.000€, 1914m2-116.000€, 1764m2-184.000€,
1608m2-170.000€, 1778m2-187.000€, 1805m2-190.000€, 1373m2-210.000€, 1391m2-210.000€, 1415m2-210.000€, 1334m2-93.000€,
1823m2-192.000€, 1878m2-116.000€, 1720m2-242.000€, 1473m2-208.000€, 1896m2-122.000€, 1886m2-262.000€, 1585m2-247.000€,
1850m2-306.000€, 1420m2-258.000€,1469m2-275.000€, 1494m2-290.000€, 1434m2-139.000€, 1474m2-380.000€.